2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Bluetooth Streaming Audio (if so equipped)

It is necessary to set up the wireless connection between a compatible audio device and the in-vehicle Bluetooth module before using Bluetooth® audio.

To connect your Bluetooth® audio device to the vehicle,
• first press the MENU button, and then
• the SETTINGS key.
• Next, select the PHONE and BLUETOOTH key.
• Then select the CONNECT NEW DEVICE key.

A six digit PIN will be displayed on the display screen.
If this same PIN is displayed on your Bluetooth® device, select “Yes” to complete the connecting process.

The connecting procedure of the cellular phone varies according to each cellular phone model.
• See the cellular phone Owner’s Manual for details.
• You can also visit www.nissanusa.com/bluetooth for instructions on connecting NISSAN recommended cellular phones.

After your device is paired, you can switch to Bluetooth® audio mode by pressing the AUX button repeatedly until the BLUETOOTH AUDIO MODE is displayed on the screen.

The controls for the Bluetooth® audio are now displayed on the screen.

Please be aware that selecting or pairing a Bluetooth® audio player may not be available immediately after starting the vehicle. Please allow a short time for the paired phone’s phonebook to update before selecting or pairing a Bluetooth® audio player.

In some cases, the sound quality is compromised through the Bluetooth® connection. If you have this experience, we recommend using the USB audio input.

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