2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Key and Locking Functions (if so equipped)

If your vehicle is equipped with an Intelligent Key please go to the “NISSAN Intelligent Key®” Chapter for specific instructions regarding your system.

With your power door lock system you can lock or unlock the driver’s door, or all doors, from outside the vehicle using your key.

To lock all doors, including the back door, turn the key toward the front of the vehicle.

To unlock one door, turn the key toward the rear of the vehicle one time.

To unlock all doors and the back door, turn the key back to the NEUTRAL position, and then turn toward the rear again within five seconds.

You can also lock and unlock all doors by pushing one of the power door lock switches, or by using the inside lock knob located on the driver’s and front passenger’s doors.

To prevent accidentally locking your key inside the vehicle, your vehicle has lockout protection. If you attempt to lock your vehicle with a POWER DOOR LOCK switch while any door is open and the key is in the ignition, all the doors will lock, but then automatically unlock.

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