2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Navigation Button (if so equipped)

Press the NAV button to display the “Navigation” screen.

The “Destination” key provides several methods for setting and/or saving a destination.

The “Home” key allows you to enter and save your home address as a destination.

“Turn List” shows your current destination’s route list. Touch the “Turn List” key to display this screen.

“Previous Destinations” searches for a previously mapped destination in the destination’s memory.

“Routing Options” allows you to set route calculation settings.

“Cancel Route” allows you to cancel the current route.

Touch the “Destination” key to view the “Destination” menu.

To set a destination from a street address, press the NAV button, touch the “Destination” key, and then touch the “Street Address” key.

If the state shown is not correct, touch the “Change State/Province” key and enter the name of the state. Choose the correct state from the list.

Next, touch the “Street” key. Enter the house number and select “OK.” Enter the street name, then touch “List” and choose the correct street name. You may be asked to spell the city name to narrow down the matches. Your selected destination is displayed at the center of the map.

Touch the “Start” key to calculate the route and begin route guidance.

The “Places” key searches for a destination by name, from various categories of businesses, or by location.

“My Places” searches for a destination from data stored on a USB storage device.

“Address Book” calls up a destination you have previously stored.

Additional destination setting methods can be accessed by touching the “Next Page” key.

“Intersection” allows you to set an intersection of two streets as the destination.

The “City Center” key sets the destination as the center of the chosen city.

“Map” allows you to search for a destination by scrolling around on the map. The system then calculates a route or stores the position in the Address Book.

The settings the system uses to calculate the route to a destination can be adjusted to suit your needs. To change the settings press the NAV button, and then touch the “Routing Options” key.

• Dynamic guidance allows the system to display traffic alerts
• Route Type has three options; “Fastest” calculates the fastest route to the destination, “Economy” to calculate the most economical route, and “Shortest” which calculates the shortest route to the destination.
• Minimize Freeways – toggle on or off to minimize the use of freeways on a calculated route.
• Minimize Toll Roads – Toggle on or off to minimize the use of toll roads on a calculated route.
• Minimize Ferries – Toggle on or off to minimize the use of ferries on a calculated route.
• Minimize seasonal roads — toggles between Never, When closed, and Always

To delete previous destinations, press the NAV button, touch “Previous Destinations”, touch the destination to be deleted and then touch the “Delete” key. To delete all previous destinations touch the “Delete All” key.

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