2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Spare Tire and Tools

In the event of a flat tire, please follow all the advance preparations and safety precautions in your Owner’s Manual.

To access the spare tire and tools, open the trunk. Lift the floor board and the spare tire cover.

You’ll now see the spare tire and the jack. Turn the jack screw counterclockwise a few turns. This will release some tension on the jack so you can remove it. If your spare tire is equipped with a center bolt, turn it counterclockwise to remove the bolt and the spare tire.

If your vehicle is equipped with wheel covers, you must first remove them to get to the wheel nuts. Do not attempt to use your hands to remove a wheel cover. The end of your jack rod is designed to pry it off.

Your Owner’s Manual has explicit instructions and diagrams to help you safely proceed. Follow these and the other emergency instructions you’ll find there. You’ll also find further instructions on the label attached to your jack body. Proceed with caution when jacking up your vehicle, removing the flat tire, and installing the spare tire.

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