2013 NISSAN Xterra – Spare Tire and Tools

In the event of a flat tire, please follow all the advance preparations and safety precautions in your Owner’s Manual.
Your tools can be reached by folding the rear bench seat cushion forward. Instructions for doing so can be found in the “Folding Rear Seats” chapter and in your Owner’s Manual. Below the seat cushion, lift this flap in the carpet, to access your vehicle’s jack and jacking tools.

First, place the square end of the t-shaped rod into the end of the connecting rod. Then, fit the square end of the connecting rod into the square hole of this wheel nut wrench to form a handle. With your tools at hand, raise your liftgate and find this oval shaped opening, just above the middle of the back bumper. Insert the T-shaped end of your jack rod into the opening until it reaches the spare tire winch, directly above the spare tire. Slip the T-shaped end of the jack rod into the T-shaped opening of the tire winch. Apply pressure and turn the jack rod counterclockwise. You’ll see the spare tire begin to lower. Once it is fully lowered to the ground, reach under the vehicle and remove the retainer chain. Then, carefully slide the tire from under the vehicle.

Your Owner’s Manual has explicit instructions and diagrams to help you safely proceed. Follow these and the other emergency instructions you’ll find there. You’ll also find further instructions on the label attached to your jack body.

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