Chevy SS

For many Americans, the Chevy SS name has, for many years, evoked a vision of a mean muscle car. And while the 2014 Chevy SS stays true to that vision in many regards, some drivers may be surprised by the other features that this very capable sedan offers.

Not Too Much Muscle

The SS has rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine that has 415 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque, which means it’ll fly whenever you want it to. However, the 2014 SS probably isn’t the kind of muscle car that many people remember. This year’s model is the first rear-wheel car Chevy has put out in 17 years. Although it has plenty of power, the technology makes it a little tougher to pull off some of the famous muscle car stunts like burnouts and powerslides. Some reviews have said that it’s an updated version of the no-longer-existing Pontiac G8, which most deemed not a bad thing. Although the SS lacks a little bit of muscle, it makes up for it in other areas.

Besides the Muscle

The 2014 SS not only has plenty of power, but it also features tons of room. The four doors on the SS mean that mom or dad can drive a car they love while the kids still have plenty of room in the back. The technology in the SS cannot be overlooked. With features such as Heads-Up Display—which projects vital information onto the windshield—Chevrolet MyLink, an intelligent key fob, automatic parking assist, USB ports, the Driver Information Center, and much more, the SS brings you everything you could want in a modern sedan.

Muscle and Safety

In addition to everything else the SS offers, the sedan also has several new safety features. The SS is equipped with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Departure Warning, StabiliTrak—which helps keep the SS on the road in bad weather—and eight airbags. In the event of an accident, the SS also has OnStar Automatic Response System, which will send help your way as soon as possible.

Want to Drive the SS?

If you’re interested in getting a closer look at the 2014 Chevy SS, get to your nearest Hubler dealership, and ask for a test drive. The Hubler representatives will be able to answer any questions you have about the vehicle.

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