Parking in Indianapolis

Any major city has its own particular parking woes. Thankfully, Indianapolis does a good job at providing enough parking for any event (you have to admit we did pretty well during the Super Bowl). When it comes to finding the best places to park in downtown Indianapolis, you gotta know where to go. Here’s a post on how to find the best parking spots downtown.

Parkmobile App

First and foremost, we’d suggest you download the Parkmobile app if you have a smartphone. Open the app, enter your car and credit card details, and you’re all set. Using Indy’s parking meters are a little confusing, but with Parkmobile you pay through the app and don’t need to go back to the meter to add time. The app will send you reminders that your time is almost up and then give you the option to add more time. And, if you’re not used to downtown, it uses a GPS system to tell you where you are in the city and where your car is parked.

When the City Gets Crowded

While Indianapolis is a sprawling city, things get really dense downtown with Lucas Oil Stadium, Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, and the bar scene. Whether or not you’re attending any major events, parking can become a hassle. A lot of parking lots will sell spots from $10 to $30. Don’t buy into it. Indy is a small city and almost anything is within walking distance. Mall parking is usually on the cheaper side, even on extremely busy nights. During major events, try finding spots north of Monument Circle and walking. Generally, the farther you get from the center of the city, the less you’ll have to pay. In busier sections, you’ll usually need to pay for street parking up until 9pm. But less crowded areas will stop charging after 6pm. There are a number of parking lots on South Street (close to all the major events locations).

Mass Ave. Area

There’s obviously a ton of parking on Mass Ave. However, it’s a busy place, and the spots fill up fast. If you’re not used to the area, it can be very aggravating to find a spot to park close to your destination. Mass Ave. conveniently runs from within the center of the city to the outer rim. Look for parking on side streets near Mass Ave. You’ll have a bit of a walk, but it’s easier to find parking, and it may be cheaper. If you’re willing to walk a little farther, there’s a neighborhood to the west that has free parking along the streets.

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