Crossover vs. SUV


Crossover vs. SUV


Finding the right vehicle for your needs can be a tough thing to do, especially with the many models and options out there. It used to be that car buyers had only a few choices, but now some vehicles no longer fit into specific categories. If you need something bigger than your average sedan but you don’t want a minivan, then you are probably looking at either an SUV or vehicles called crossovers. Both have their pros and cons, and although they sometimes may look similar, they are actually quite different.



SUVs are Sport Utility Vehicles, meaning that they are designed to tow and haul heavy loads, can handle many of the jobs that pickup trucks are designed for, and can handle roads that aren’t paved. The strong, heavy frame of an SUV allows the vehicle to do things that other vehicles cannot. Because of this frame, the body of the vehicle is often a little more rugged than crossover vehicles. They are also versatile vehicles, which is why they are so popular. You can pick up the kids from soccer practice one day and haul a trailer full of dirt or gravel the next. An SUV is heavier than most vehicles, sits higher off the ground, and feels more like a truck.



Crossover vehicles are usually much smaller and lighter than a pickup truck or an SUV, but larger than most cars. These vehicles are based on car platforms, but have a similar look and body of an SUV. Crossovers are good for large families that don’t plan to tow heavy loads and to do all of their driving on paved roads. Crossover vehicles give you most of the space that an SUV provides, but in a smaller, lighter package. This smaller, lighter package allows for better gas mileage and a drive that feels more like a car. While these vehicles are definitely more like a car, they can do some moderate towing and hauling.


Which Vehicle is Better?

The truth is that neither vehicle is outright better than the other. It all depends on what they will be used for. If you have a large family and huge boat that you haul back and forth from a lake house, then you should probably think about an SUV. If you have a large family, need to take long trips often, and don’t haul things very much, then you may want to consider a crossover. Take a good look at the way you use your vehicle, and then decide which is best for you.

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