Is OnStar Worth It?

OnStarBudgets are tight these days, and many people are asking themselves whether the luxuries they still pay for are worth it. Many people are cutting their cable package or eating out less often. One area that you might want to consider is your subscription-based onboard navigation system. People got around just fine with paper maps before, so why spend money on something like this? Let’s talk about the biggest name in the game of onboard computers: OnStar. There are many benefits to choosing OnStar as well as a few drawbacks.


One of the main advantages is safety. OnStar has a lot of built-in safety features, such as the accident alert system. Say you’re involved in an accident, and as a result of that accident, you lose consciousness. With OnStar, your car is equipped with sensors to detect this scenario, and your car’s computer would immediately alert authorities. You can also use OnStar to contact medical assistance in the case of an emergency. And you can use this same function to call the police or ambulance services when you witness an accident, so that your neighbors promptly receive help.


The OnStar Virtual Assistant is another great aspect of this service. It is a hands-free voice-activated program that will give you live traffic reports as well as weather and other emergency reports. You also get voice-activated and -controlled turn-by-turn navigation. Use OnStar, too, to remotely unlock your car in the event you lock your keys inside. This will save you some money on locksmiths.


There are a few drawbacks to OnStar, however. One of the biggest disadvantages is a matter of perspective. OnStar will track your vehicle’s speed and location, as well as your general driving habits. If this makes you uncomfortable, OnStar might not be worth it. You also need to consider where you live, since OnStar’s range of service is limited. If you live far away from a metropolitan area reception could be weak and non-existent. This is obviously a problem if you plan any road trips through less-populated areas, as well.


Do the pros outweigh the cons of OnStar? Contact your dealer to find out if OnStar is right for you.

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