GM Takes the Lead on In-Vehicle Wi-Fi

GM-WiFiIt seems like we have access to the Internet virtually everywhere, except the one place that we spend most of our time outside of work and our homes. So, why shouldn’t we have access to the Internet in our cars? It seems logical that we should be able to listen to our favorite Internet radio site, or let the kids watch streaming videos while the adults are driving. Well, we have big news for you: beginning in 2014, most GM manufactured cars will come with a built-in 4G hotspot.

With your GM vehicle’s hotspot, you will be able to connect up to eight different cell phones, tablets, and laptops in order to stream music and videos, and you will be able to take advantage of built-in voice-to-text messaging, eliminating texting and driving dangers. This handy hotspot means sites like Spotify and Netflix will be right at your fingertips on your long drive home from work, or while taking the kids to soccer practice, or while taking that long drive to your summer vacation destination.

This will also allow your GM vehicle to enhance the already available OnStar security system. The hope is that, one day, your car will be connected to an online highway infrastructure and to every other car that is on the road with you, which will allow you to know if another car ran a red light or if there is an accident up ahead. Everybody wants their car to be safer and it seems like, if nothing else, GM will be able to provide more safety with a car connected to a built-in 4G network.

While this may not change the way you drive—since many people already have basic internet functionality on their smart phones—it will make accessing online entertainment more convenient. Additional safety and security measures will make your drive not only more relaxing but also more comforting.

It makes sense, as everything from coffee shops to parking garages seems to offer WiFi capabilities that your car should provide this, too. So, keep an eye out for the 2014 line of GM vehicles, as they will offer these exciting new advances in technology.

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