You May Get Pulled Over If…

We’ve all heard stories about someone getting pulled over for some ridiculous, absurd reason. Often, these people are getting tickets for things they had no idea were even issues in the first place. If you remember back to Driver’s Ed—that’s a long time for some of us— you’re told the basics about what is and isn’t illegal. But, how often is someone, other than a cop, completely aware of all the little traffic laws in your area? Laws differ from place to place, so it’s often understandable if you find yourself breaking some little-known driving or traffic law. Here’s a list of offenses that may get you pulled over.

Lights Out

When you’re getting into your car, you may take a quick look around the car to make sure everything is in working order. However, are you checking to make sure your license plate lights are working? If your license plate lights are out, you’re breaking the law. This is especially annoying because you have to start your car to even know if your lights are out or not. Who has the time for that?

No More Hang Time

In some places, like Pennsylvania, you can get pulled over for having things hanging off your rearview mirror. No more air fresheners, no more necklaces or beads. In all reality, cops mainly use this as an excuse to pull over suspicious drivers in order to get a closer look.

Overstaying Your Texas Welcome

It’s technically illegal to stay in certain parts of Texas for more than ten days without changing your driving information. If you do stay over the ten-day mark with changing your plates and license, you’re committing a crime.

Flagging the Load

This one isn’t as obscure, and a lot of people already know about it. But did you know that if the load in your truck bed extends out past the bed of the truck, you must attach a flag to it? If there is no flag present, you’re actually running the risk of getting fined.

Don’t Pass The Horse

Indianapolis is known for its horse-ride taxi services. It’s a nice little trademark of the city. However, did you know that, per Indiana law, it’s against the law to pass a horse on the street? It’s hard to remain patient when you’re galloping behind a slow moving horse and carriage downtown, but is it worth the risk of getting pulled over?

There’s a ton of wacky driving laws all over the country. Do you know any? Share with us in the comments section below!


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