2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Headlights and Exterior Lights

To turn ON your front parking lights, tail lights, license plate light and instrument panel lights, turn the headlight switch to THIS position. To turn ON the front headlights, turn the switch to THIS position. All the other lights will stay ON.

To turn ON your high beam headlights, push this lever forward. You’ll see a blue indicator light illuminate. Pull it back toward you to select low beam. The blue light will turn off.

To make your high beam headlights flash ON and OFF, pull the lever toward you and release it.

Fog lights create a wide beam pattern, focused lower than the headlights. This minimizes reflected light and helps you see better in foggy conditions. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, here’s how to activate them. Your headlights must be ON and low beam selected. Then rotate the switch to THIS position and your fog lights will come on. Turn the switch to OFF, to deactivate the fog lights. If you turn the high beam headlights ON, the fog lights will automatically turn OFF.

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