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Ford EcoBoost Event

Last month, we got a chance to check out the Ford EcoBoost Challenge on the last stop of their tour. Designed to give consumers an unbiased look at how Ford’s offerings stack up against their closest competitors, the challenge gave us some real insight into Ford’s plans for their hybrids, their performance line, and their […]


Goodbye SUVs, Hello CUVs

Sport utility vehicles have become a lot tamer recently, losing some of the qualities that make up the vehicle’s acronym. This comes as a result of more families choosing to buy SUVs instead of minivans. Once car makers realized who was buying SUVs, they started catering to their needs. Nowadays, if you want a sporty […]


Leasing a Car: Good or Bad Decision?

Everyone has a different financial and personal situation, so not everyone should make the same decisions when looking for a new vehicle. Leasing a vehicle can be a great way to get the right vehicle at the right price, but there are situations where it makes more sense to buy instead. Before you lease or […]

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Preparing Your Kid for Driving

The time has come: your kid has finally become old enough to operate a moving vehicle (yikes). Learning to drive is rather necessary, especially if you live somewhere without public transit. As we focus on getting our kids a good education in the classroom, we also need to focus on the skills that will prepare […]


The Future of Green Technology in The Auto World

Attempting to predict the course that the auto industry will take is impossible, but you can make general assumptions about what kinds of technology and trends will dominate the industry in the coming years. The near future for vehicles will most likely be focused on green technology—there’s already a fast growing industry for them as […]

Why OEM Parts Are the Best

 If you’ve ever needed to buy a car part for your vehicle, then you know you often have hundreds of choices. Besides that, you have to choose from dozens of places to buy the parts—both online and in-store—and then there are plenty of different companies that make car parts. One thing you should look for, […]


A Look at the New Lineup of 2015 Trucks

The new 2015 trucks are hitting the lots, and they’re looking better than ever. The 2015 pickup trucks are packed with technology, capable on the road, and are incredibly affordable. These trucks aren’t playing around and when it comes to getting the job done, any of these 2015 trucks will be more than enough. Ford […]

Driver Plus

Maintenance Programs and Hubler’s Driver Plus Program

Many car manufacturers and dealers across the state of Indiana offer maintenance programs for their new and used vehicles. The manufacturer programs are included with the sale and can be considered added value, savings, and peace of mind for customers. The maintenance programs that dealers offer are designed to supplement the manufacturer’s maintenance program or […]

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3 Easy Custom Car Jobs You Can Do at Home

Customizing your car can take a lot of work and, in most cases, a lot of money. While some jobs will require professional help, others are inexpensive and can be completed easily. Here are three custom jobs you can do at home that adds new flair to your car. Vinyl You can use pretty much […]