Ten of the Greatest Movie Motorcycles

Movies are often the place you see your next dream ride. Here are a few of the best motorcycles in movies.

1. The Great Escape: Triumph TR6 Trophy Bird

Steve McQueen on a dark green 1961 Triumph TR6 Trophy Bird is probably the best thing you will ever see on or off screen.

2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Indian Scout 101

Brad Pitt rides several motorcycles in this movie, but the one that stands out is the Indian Scout 101. You only see him riding it for about ten seconds, but they’re a beautiful ten seconds.

3. Thunderball: BSA Lightning A65-L

Although James Bond movies are usually dominated by silver Aston Martins with machine guns, Thunderball gave us a look at a beautiful BSA Lighting A65-L equipped with missile launchers. This bike was even sexier than the female villain who rode it.

4. First Blood: Yamaha XT 250

Sylvester Stallone runs from cops on a stolen Yamaha XT 250 in the first Rambo movie. The bike’s ability to take on any terrain mimics Stallone’s character, which makes this bike extremely cool.

5. Tron: Light Cycle

The Light Cycle is what most people think of when they hear the title of this movie. It wasn’t a real thing, until these guys did what everyone else was just fantasizing about.

6. Tron: Ducati Sport Classic GT

While Tron will always be known for the Light Cycle, there was a really cool bike in the movie that you can actually buy.

7. The Dark Knight: Bat-Pod

Unfortunately you can’t buy the ridiculously cool Bat-Pod, but it was one of the best things in an already great movie.

8. The World’s Fastest Indian: Indian Scout “Burt Monro Special”

This is a motorcycle movie about the man, Burt Monro, played by Anthony Hopkins, who set three separate land-speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on an old Indian that he modified himself. The bike looks like a missile and flies like one too.

9. Mad Max: 1977 Kawasaki KZ 1000

This movie is full of sweet post-apocalyptic rides, but none of them were as cool as the police Kawasaki that gets wrecked. Many of the biker bad guys ride cool Kawasaki motorcycles as well.

10. The Wild One: Triumph Thunderbird

The Triumph Thunderbird that Marlon Brando rides in this movie helps add to the super cool biker-gang persona. For a guy that didn’t even ride bikes, Brando and the Triumph Thunderbird are responsible for a lot of motorcycle culture.

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