Neat Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Car

Weddings can take many shapes and sizes. They can take place outside, inside. The colors vary. The ceremonies differ. But regardless of how the wedding takes shape, there’s almost always a wedding car. Most typically, the back window will have the words “Just Married” written across it in window paint, tin cans hanging from the rear bumper and clanking along the street. But, as we said, every wedding is different, so if you plan to include a wedding car, personalize it! Get inspired by our ideas below.

Just Married

Instead of simply writing the most overused phrase for weddings, how about coming up with something a little more personal? Maybe you have a code word or special nicknames for one another. This is your day and making it as much about your relationship as possible will make it all the more meaningful! Some cool ideas: Bonnie and Clyde, PB&J, Meat and Potatoes, Pen and Paper. Get creative!

Old-Fashioned Ride

Just like the gorgeous dress and spiffy tuxedo, you want every part of your wedding to be stylish. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular to rent an old-fashioned car for the happy couple to drive away in. We’re not talking like 1980s here, we mean older. 1920s old. If you want to really go the distance in pulling in as much flair, consider an old car to cruise around in. These cars help elevate the popular rustic wedding theme commonly used right now.


Sure, you can smear the rear windshield with window paint, but the tackiness that sometimes comes with that can out rule the decoration. If you want to clutter up the vehicle, think about attaching custom-made flags to it. Of course, white is traditional in weddings, but your wedding colors or a combination of the couple’s favorite colors works, too.


How cool would it be to hop on the back of a Harley and drive off from the wedding of your dreams? Motorcycles may not have as much space to decorate, but they can be dolled up nicely. Instead of attaching cans to a string, tie streamers to the back and watch them fly with the motorcycle. You can even tie a big bow to the front or back of the bike to make it more festive.

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