To Rust-Proof, or Not to Rust-Proof?

Bill Monroe's Truck with RustRust on a vehicle is never a good thing. Rust occurs when iron, which is in steel, and oxygen mix with moisture. Rust will eventually disintegrate metal and has the potential to destroy your vehicle. To help keep rust at bay, some car owners choose to rust-proof their vehicles.


What is Rust-Proofing?

There are a few different ways to rust-proof a vehicle. Vehicles can be rust-proofed in the factory, or there are plenty of aftermarket products available. There are chemical solutions that can be sprayed on the vehicle, wax solutions that can be applied to the vehicle or rubber PVC-based coating that can be sprayed on the vehicle. All three of these options are all designed to keep moisture off of vulnerable metal surfaces.


Is Rust-Proofing Necessary?

Although all cars have the potential to rust, modern vehicles are less likely to rust due to the types of metals that are now being used. One example is galvanized steel. Galvanized steel has a coating of zinc that will protect it from rusting. This zinc coating is relatively low cost, so many car manufacturers are adding it to their vehicles. While the galvanized steel will help protect your vehicle against rust, there is still a risk, especially if your vehicle is in an accident. The parts used to fix your vehicle may not be protected and could develop rust.


Wash Your Vehicle!According to John Haines, the Fixed Operations Director at Hubler Automotive, the “majority of car owners do not get rust-proofing and it’s really a personal decision if the investment is worth it or not. The longer you plan to own the vehicle to better idea it may be.”  Haines goes on to say that a vehicle should be fine if it is washed on a regular basis—this includes the undercarriage—and parked in a garage or out of bad weather.  Most car washes like Brad’s Car Wash offer “Unlimited Wash” packages, where for a fixed price you can wash your car once per day every day for the entire month!


Have you rust-proofed your car? Do you think it’s still necessary? Leave a comment below! For even more information about rust-proofing, talk to your local dealer or mechanic to see what is right for you.

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