Transportation in Indianapolis

Downtown Indy is a relatively small space. However, the entire Indy Metro area covers quite a few neighborhoods over many square miles. Indianapolis isn’t just one small downtown area; you have Broad Ripple, Irvington, Fountain Square, Greenwood, and dozens more. Getting between all of these neighborhoods can be tricky, with or without a car. Thankfully, Indy residents have options. Let’s take a look at the major methods of transportation and how they fare in Indianapolis. 


Downtown metro areas can get hairy at certain times of the day. Thankfully, Indy is a great city for driving. It’s small enough that it doesn’t have that overwhelming New York City feel, and the city was planned on a grid, so navigating is quite easy. If you live in any of the suburbs outside of the city, driving a car will be your best bet. I-465 circles the city, providing access in and out all around the downtown area. If you live near your workplace, keeping a car may prove unnecessary. Save on gas by biking, walking, or even taking the bus.


The city has been doing a lot for bike commuters within the last few years. More bike lanes have been added, enabling bikers to more safely get around among the neighborhoods and downtown. Due to city law, bikers should stay off of sidewalks and bike on the streets in designated lanes. Even then bikers should be aware of their surroundings and wear the proper safety equipment. Drivers are still not totally accustomed to sharing the road. However, once you take that into account, biking regularly might actually be a viable method of transportation, depending on where you live and work. Plus, you save money since you’re not buying gas.


If you work downtown but live outside of it—or vice versa—you may want to consider investing in a scooter or moped. They have a high fuel economy (if you’re considering a gas powered one) and even reach speeds comparable to cars. Unless you’re on the interstate, you may even be able to keep up with the speed limit. At that point, the fuel economy alone makes it worth it. Scooters have their downfall, though. They’re not great for wet weather, and they won’t get you around as fast as a car would. They’re not nearly as safe either.

Bus System

If you live downtown, you can probably get away without having a car. You can get from place to place downtown on foot or on bike. But, IndyGo is a good alternative transportation method. The bus system runs all over downtown and extends out into the different boroughs of Indianapolis. While tickets and monthly passes are a bit pricey, they are cheaper than paying for a month’s worth of gas for a car. Sixty dollars will get you a 30-day pass. Of course, you may not take the bus enough to make that worth it. Check out other packages for lower prices.

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