Cool Concept Cars That Are Actually Real

Cars are usually always cool. The cool factor goes up with concept cars. Seemingly improbably and typically high-powered and gutsy, concept cars stem from some crazy designs. Futuristic is the word of choice when describing what concept cars typically look like. Most concept car designs you see on the web are drafted by a designer who’s having a little fun, but sometimes a manufacturer will design a crazy concept car and then actually build it to show off at car shows and events.

1996 Ford Indigo

This crazy looking car has recently hit the market. Almost two decades after its conception, enthusiasts can finally nab their own Indigo. Concept cars always acquire a naturally futuristic design, and this one has apparently stood the test of time, unlike its hideous fraternal twin, the ’96 Ford Taurus.

Peugeot 20Cup

If you saw this guy from the front only, you wouldn’t think it was very different from most cars. But having only one wheel in the back easily makes the 20Cup something to get excited about. It mixes a high-end sport car with a motorcycle, making it one of the most unique cars you can actually buy. Just look at it. With an F1 type rear wheel, you can bet this cool concept car was made with power and performance in mind. Cheers, Peugeot!


This little South Korean gem was just recently announced last year. With a quirky design, more closely resembling a car from the Jetsons than modern vehicles, the Armadillo-T will certainly turn some heads. Developed for city driving, the Armadillo-T is an already small car with an amazing talent: the rear folds over to decrease the car’s size. Check it out.


Let’s step away from multi-wheeled vehicles and talk about the Ryno. It’s a one-wheeled electric motorcycle, and it’s awesome. It offers value to city dwellers and to companies with large campuses as an easy and quick mode of transportation. It’s quite innovative, and it’s also really cool, but is it worth it? With a top speed of only 10mph and a max distance of 10 miles on a single charge, the $5,300 price tag sounds incredibly unreasonable. Maybe they’ll find a way to offer it for cheaper, and in that case, maybe they’ll catch on.

Toyota Fun Vii

You can’t get this one today, but maybe in the future. It’s the very definition of futuristic concept car, from its design to its basic functions. With technology quickly becoming integrated into every aspect of our lives, Toyota senses that our vehicles will soon be included. The Toyota Fun Vii, which they’ve actually developed a model of, has an exterior display that allows you to access its internal computer and even change the way your car looks. If this is anything like what we really have in store, count me in.

Concept cars don’t often make it to production, but sometimes automotive manufacturers go the distance and create some pretty awesome cars. What are some others that we’ve left out? Share with us below!

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