2013 NISSAN Xterra – Removing the Rear Bench Seat Cushions

The rear seat cushions can be removed for added space. This can be done prior to folding second-row seatbacks flat.
First, find this strap on the center of each seat cushion and pull it to fold the seat cushions toward the front of the vehicle. Then lift up and fold each of these red release handles on the seat base, toward the front of the vehicle. This frees the seat cushion from its base. Lift up to remove it and store it in a secure place.

To return the seats to a seating position, push the anchor bars on the bottom of the seat cushions down into the seat base. Then rotate the seat cushion toward the rear of the vehicle and push down until they are flat and secure. In returning the seat cushions, be sure to hold the seat belts above them for safe use by passengers riding in the second-row bench seats.

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