2013 NISSAN Xterra – Interior Lights

Your vehicle is equipped with one of two interior lights which are configured differently, but the functions are the same.
Just above your rearview mirror are these map lights, if so equipped. Push the lens of either light to turn ON and OFF.

The map lights and the main light are also controlled by this three-position switch. In the ON position, lights will illuminate regardless of door positions and remain on for a period of time after the ignition is OFF. In the center position, the lights will stay on for a period of time after you remove the key from the ignition, open and close the door to exit, or when you unlock all doors with the ignition in the OFF position. In the OFF position, lights will not illuminate regardless of door positions.

With the cargo light switch in the ON position, the light will illuminate. In the middle position, the light will illuminate when the liftgate is opened and turn off when it closes. When in the OFF position, the light will not illuminate.

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