2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Interior Lights

The main light is controlled by this three-position switch.
• In the ON position, the main light will illuminate and stay ON for a period of time after the ignition is turned OFF.
• In the DOOR position, the light will illuminate for a period of time:
o after you unlock the vehicle while all doors are closed and the ignition switch is in the OFF position,
o open and close the driver’s door with the key removed from the ignition switch (if so equipped), or
o remove the key from the ignition switch (if so equipped) while all doors are closed.
• In the OFF position, the light will not illuminate, regardless of door position.

If your vehicle is equipped with map lights, they are controlled by a three position switch, similar to the main interior light.

The trunk light will illuminate when the trunk lid is opened and turn OFF when it closes.

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