2013 NISSAN Xterra – Making a Call (if so equipped)

To make a call using the touchscreen after a phone has been connected
• Push the PHONE button.
• The “Phone”screen will appear on the display with several options.
o Press the PHONEBOOK key to
 Select the name from an entry stored in the vehicle phonebook; and then
 Press the number to begin dialing, or
o Press the CALL LISTS key to select the name from the
• incoming,
• outgoing or
• missed call history and then select the number, or
o Press the REDIAL key
 To select the last outgoing call from the vehicle, and then
 Press the PHONE key, or you can
o Press the PHONE key to
 Select the numbers to manually enter the number you wish to dial, and then
 Press the PHONE key to make the call.
To make a call using the voice recognition system after a phone has been connected:
• Press the PHONE/SEND button.
• After the tone sounds, Say “Phone” and when prompted, say “Dial number”
o and the system will then tell you to speak the number you wish to call.
o the system will repeat the number back to you after you have finished speaking.
• Say “Dial” and the system will make the call.

To exit the voice recognition system at any time, press and hold the PHONE/END button for 5 seconds.

When privacy is desired:
• Select the HANDSET key to transfer the call from the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System to your cellular phone.
• Press the HANDSET key again to transfer the call back to the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone system.

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