2013 NISSAN Xterra – Shift Lock Release

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission and the battery is discharged, you will need to push the SHIFT LOCK RELEASE to move the shift lever out of the PARK position. First, turn the ignition to the LOCK position and remove the key. Then apply the parking brake and remove the SHIFT LOCK RELEASE cover using a 3 millimeter screwdriver. When removing the SHIFT LOCK RELEASE cover, be sure to wrap a cloth around the screwdriver so as not to scratch the interior finish of your vehicle. Now insert the screwdriver into the release slot and push down. While holding down the SHIFT LOCK RELEASE, move the shift lever to the NEUTRAL position. Finally, turn the key to the ON position to unlock the steering wheel, then release the parking brake. Now you may move your vehicle to the desired location.

If the shift lever cannot be moved out of the PARK position, please consult your NISSAN Dealer for further assistance in this situation.

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