2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Vehicle Phonebook (if so equipped)

The phonebook stores up to 1,000 names for each phone paired with the system. Your vehicle’s Bluetooth® system may automatically download your cell phone’s entire phonebook, if your cell phone allows this function.

If the phonebook does not download automatically, 40 entries can be individually downloaded. To manually download entries:

• Push the PHONE/SEND button on the steering wheel.
• After the tone, say PHONEBOOK.
• After the next tone, say “Transfer Entry”.
• The system acknowledges the command and asks you to initiate the transfer from the phone handset.
• The new contact phone number will be transferred from the cellular phone to the vehicle.

The transfer procedure varies according to each cellular phone. See your cellular phone Owner’s Manual for details.

You can also visit www.nissanusa.com/bluetooth for instructions on transferring phone numbers from NISSAN recommended cellular phones.

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