2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Climate Controls

This is the climate control panel for adjusting air flow, fan speed, and temperature inside the cabin.

This FAN SPEED CONTROL dial regulates fan speed at various settings. Turn to the left for slower speed, to the right for higher speed. Turn to ZERO, to turn the system OFF.

Press the A/C button to turn the air conditioning ON or OFF. The indicator light will illuminate when the AC is ON.

This is the TEMPERATURE CONTROL dial on the right. Turn it to the left for cooler, or to the right for warmer air.

This is the AIR FLOW CONTROL dial, which allows you to select air flow outlets. Refer to the ICONS for the various air flow combinations:
• Air will flow from center and side vents
• Air will flow from center and side vents and foot outlets
• Air will flow mainly from foot outlets
• Air will flow from the defroster outlets and foot outlets
• Air will flow mainly from the defroster outlets

In hot or humid conditions, a visible mist may be seen coming from the vents. This does not indicate a malfunction.

The AIR INTAKE lever controls the mix of fresh air and recirculated air in the cabin. Slide the AIR INTAKE Lever:
• To the left position to allow fresh air from outside the vehicle into the cabin.
o Allowing outside air to enter the vehicle improves defogging performance.
• To the right to recirculate air inside the vehicle.
o This helps AC efficiency and helps block outside odors from entering the cabin.
o Keep in this position when using the air conditioner with high outside temperatures for the most efficient cooling.

To defrost or defog front and side windows:
• Slide the AIR INTAKE lever to the left position.
• Then turn the AIR FLOW CONTROL dial to the defrost setting.
• Turn the FAN SPEED dial to the desired position.
• Next, turn the TEMPERATURE CONTROL dial to set the desired temperature between the middle and hot position.
• Press the AC button to turn the air conditioning ON to dehumidify the air.
• To quickly remove ice or fog from the windows:
o turn the fan control dial to the maximum position and
o the temperature control dial to the full hot position.

To defrost or defog the rear window, and outside mirrors, if so equipped, press the REAR WINDOW DEFROSTER button. The indicator light will illuminate.

After defrosting, push to turn OFF. If not turned OFF manually, this feature will automatically deactivate after a period of time.

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