2014 NISSAN Versa Sedan – Windshield Wiper and Washer Controls

This lever is used to control all windshield wiper and washer functions. To operate your windshield wipers and washers, your ignition must be ON.

For INTERMITTENT wiper control, push the lever down to the first stop.

The time delay of the wiper sweep is adjusted by turning this ring, if so equipped. The narrow markings indicate a short delay. The delay gets longer as you turn the ring toward the wider markings.

The wipers will operate on continuous low-speed by pushing the lever down to LO, the second stop. Push down again to HI, the third stop, for continuous high-speed operation.

In conditions of mist or light rain, push the lever up to MIST and you will get a one sweep operation of the wipers.

To clean the windshield, pull the lever toward you. Washer fluid will spray and the wipers will automatically sweep several times and stop.

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