2014 Acura RLX: Raising the Bar

from acura.comThe 2014 Acura RLX is here, and it is SO nice.

What are the things you research when you’re thinking about purchasing a new car? You probably have safety, fuel efficiency, and reliability on the brain; of course you want a dependable vehicle. You may even search for a car that offers you small luxury perks. Look no further than the Acura RLX. Offering safety, style, and comfort, this vehicle raises the bar of your expectations.

Under its hood, the Acura RLX’s 3.5-liter V-6 engine offers 310 horsepower, and the automatic transmission shifts smoothly so you have a comfortable ride on almost any driving surface. Featuring Variable Cylinder Management, the Acura RLX’s engine can “run on six, four or three cylinders, depending on driving conditions,” which improves fuel efficiency. With this system, the RLX gets 31 miles to the gallon (highway).

As you drive the Acura RLX, you’ll notice how well it handles. This is the result of the vehicle’s engineered suspension and undercarriage. Turning tight corners is a breeze, and you’ll always feel cushioned when braking, even for hard stops. Also, the compact design of the Acura RLX means you have no trouble squeezing into small parking spaces, parallel or otherwise. But don’t be fooled by the car’s size: legroom in the backseat measures in at cavernous 38.8 inches.

Besides its handling capabilities and impressive fuel efficiency, the RLX features a built-in navigation system, so you don’t have to fuss with setting up a separate GPS system. Play with the satellite radio or take advantage of the Bluetooth and iPod capabilities. Control all of these functions and more with the RLX Voice Recognition technology. Press one button on the steering wheel, and you’re able to control climate, navigation, and entertainment without taking your hands from the wheel, and you’re going to want to keep them at 10 and 2 because this thing is fun to drive.

The Acura RLX also provides the latest in safety technology. It features side and curtain airbags, so you remain safe from every angle. Its Lane Departure Warning and Frontal Collision Warning systems utilize various sensors and alert you if you begin to leave your lane or if you’re in danger of a collision with a vehicle facing you. These features certainly make the Acura RLX worth its salt! This car was designed and manufactured to keep your family safe and comfortable.


Visit a local dealer today to take your turn behind the wheel of the 2014 Acura RLX. If you want a dependable vehicle with luxury features and smooth handling, this is the car for you.


More to come on the RLX soon as this is definitely a staff favorite!

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