Cool Things Made from Car Parts

The whole purpose of having a car is to get around, right? But what about after they’ve run their life as a useable vehicle? Cars are often sold for parts and scraps, which usually get melted down, added to a junkyard, or just simply thrown away. There are many people out there that are doing really cool things with car parts. When you get creative, you can repurpose used car parts, creating furniture, artwork, and more. Let’s look at how some people have turned car parts into some pretty cool things.


You’d probably never even think about how your car can be made into a piece of furniture, would you? Take a look at some of the cool ways cars have been made into furniture:

  • Ever thought about bringing in the back seat of your old clunker to use as a couch? Here’s the result of a DIY project to turn the back section of a car into your new sofa.
  • Check out this sleek desk made from a Mini Cooper to get a little inspiration on how to incorporate your love for cars into your workspace.

Getting Creative

There are people who are also getting creative with car parts, finding all sorts of ways to reuse their car innards.

  • One company sells smartphone docks inspired by the sound of a V-12 engine’s exhaust system. They’re pretty pricey but perfectly stylish.
  • A Norwegian artist goes big and creates massive structures of cows out of the exteriors of used cars.
  • Love playing games? Whoever made this marvelous chess set is doing it right.
  • Here’s a company that makes car-based jewelry. They’ll take old car emblems and turn them into necklaces. They even make custom jewelry!

Going to the Extreme

If you thought some of these uses of car parts were crazy, then you might not be prepared to handle this architect’s use of car parts. Can you imagine designing and building a house out of car parts? Whoa.

What kinds of things have you made out of car parts? Share with us in the space below!


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