2013 NISSAN Xterra – RearView Monitor (if so equipped)

With the transmission shifted to REVERSE, the display monitor changes to show a live picture of the area directly behind your vehicle. The colored lines indicate approximate distances from the rear bumper.
• The area that is 1.5 feet from the vehicle is represented by the red line.
• The yellow line indicates a distance of 3 feet from the vehicle.
• Distances of 7 and 10 feet are represented by the two green lines.

To adjust the display brightness,
• Press the MENU button,
• select the SETTINGS key,
• select SYSTEM key
• select the DISPLAY key
• And then touch the BRIGHTNESS key to adjust the level to the desired setting.

Certain temperatures and other conditions may momentarily affect the clarity of your display’s picture. Do not adjust the display while the vehicle is moving.

There are some areas in which the RearView Monitor is unable to display objects. For more detailed information, please refer to your Owner’s Manual.

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