What is dexos™?

There aren’t many things more essential than motor oil. Over time, different companies have developed oils for high-performance cars and other specific purposes. And now GM has put out a new kind of motor oil designed specifically for your GM motor. This motor oil will revolutionize the way your car runs.

What makes dexos™ the right motor oil for your GM? Through rigorous testing, GM has devised an optimal oil to help facilitate lubrication in your engine. It also works to protect against degradation that comes from day-to-day use, helps keep residue from building up on your car’s pistons, regulates the amount of oil your car uses, improves fuel consumption through modified aeration, and features oxidation properties that out-perform other motor oils. dexos™ is currently being used by most mechanics because of its unique aforementioned qualities. One of the key reasons to use dexos™ is that it has a special formula that keeps aeration to a minimum. Aeration is the process that causes air to get mixed into oil, which then causes bubbles to form thereby decreasing your motor’s efficiency.

You might wonder why you really need a specific oil for your GM car. But GM has invested time and energy into creating motor oil that really will help their cars perform better, and it means selecting oil for your GM car or truck is a no-brainer. dexos™ brand may be a little bit more expensive, but it will, in fact, save you money in the long run. While fuel efficiency will be improved minimally, you will notice that you do not need to change your oil as frequently, which means fewer trips to the mechanic. In fact, depending on your driving habits, you may begin seeing as many as 10,000 miles between each oil change.  The oil will also decrease friction in your motor, keeping your car out of the shop.

Keep in mind that dexos™ is a trademark of GM and only oil with the proper branding should be used in your car. Any motor oil that claims to have the same properties as dexos™ but does not have the dexos™ logo should be avoided as they do not have the same formula that GM has perfected. While dexos™ is recommended in the owner’s manual for any post-2011 vehicle it is also compatible with most other older model GM vehicles.

So, remember, while dexos™ might not be what you’re used to using, it is the way that the market is heading. And if dexos™ will help make life easier for you and your car, why not make the switch? So, ask your mechanic or dealer if dexos™ is the right motor oil for your GM car. Chances are, based on the research, it will be.

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